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“What do you sell on ebay?” That’s the question I hear most often, and probably the hardest one to answer. I thought maybe it might be a good idea to just show people what I sell.

I’m a long time eBay seller sharing my experiences and knowledge and just plain dumb luck or lack thereof with the rest of the reselling community. I fell in love with this game back in the late 90’s and discovered eBay in 99.
At one time I has an eBay store called Old Paths Books and Collectables that at its height had over a thousand offerings in inventory. Then came the Great Recession and the market all changed and so I’ve had to change with it.
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The following are affiliate links. I appreciate the support.
Favorite boxes & shipping supplies
https://goo.gl/mqxMWT these are 6x4x4. I like this seller.
https://goo.gl/xy1NRy these are 8x6x5.
https://goo.gl/CtdtDY ebay branded shipping tape
https://goo.gl/iz89hk 6.25″ x 8.5″ poly bags
https://goo.gl/8Wihqr 10″ x 12.5″ poly bags
https://goo.gl/wkoVTF packaging tape
https://goo.gl/yuegfX Plumbers pipe tape

Favorite Tools
https://goo.gl/rFn4Ma Woodland Scenics Foam Cutter
https://goo.gl/fyR18t box cutters
https://goo.gl/yuegfX Plumbers pipe tape
https://goo.gl/7B3rDa ZP 450 Zebra Thermal Printer. This is the one I’d go with because it has the set-up disk and tech support which would have saved me hours and tons of frustration. Plus they include 4 rolls of labels. When I bought mine I got a box of labels (24 rolls) which ended up working out to .07 cents a label. So doing the math on this listing actually makes it cheaper than the lower priced ones.



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