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At the webinar we :
– Present Duyunov’s project, speak about the technology and “Duyunov’s hub motor”, discuss why the project needs investments, what the short-term plans of the company development are and how anyone can benefit from that.
– Announce the important project news.
– Answer the questions of the webinar participants.

– Pavel Filippov – the member of the project investment raising team.

Join us http://bit.ly/DuyunovProject

Since the moment of the first presentation webinar for potential investors and partners of the company on June 1, 2017, and the launch of crowdfunding, the project has been developing very rapidly, with the active support of people – financial and ideological.

“Over the past year and a half, much more has been done than originally planned:

– launched a convenient platform in the form of a personal account to attract investment
– a legal scheme has been prepared for the relationship between the investor and the Duyunov project: the investment contract and its annexes
– formed a large team working on the project, including more than 1500 partners around the world
– more than 300 million rubles of investments were attracted
– the risk of underfunding of the project is excluded: a guarantee letter has been received from a large investor about the additional financing of the project in the event that public financing is insufficient
– an application for admission to the Alabushevo SEZ has been accepted; a meeting of the commission is expected; after receiving a positive response, the construction of an engineering design bureau (ICB) will be launched
– technology is actively popularized in China, thanks to the project partner Victor Arestov, in collaboration with Denzel, the DA-90S engine, created using Duyunov technology, was launched into serial production

:zap: A lot has been done in the technical part of the project:

– a lot of research has been done and new patents have been obtained.
– “SovElMash” assigned the letter code of the company-developer
– a laboratory with bench equipment, a laser and experimental site, which together are a miniature of the future IKB, are equipped and put into operation.
– engine tests are carried out for further certification
– production of control samples of the stator using laser equipment has begun

:pushpin:IMPORTANT: thanks to the existing laboratory, bench equipment, and experimental site, the company can now receive a profit by implementing the documentation and taking the first orders for the development of engines!

The next goal of the project is to obtain a permit for the construction of a future enterprise in the Technopolis Moscow SEZ (at the Alabushevo site), after which you can proceed to the first works necessary for the construction of a design office.

Despite the fact that a lot has already been done, and the main risks of the project have already been neutralized – we are still at the very beginning.

Become part of a large international project http://bit.ly/solargroup, as long as you have the opportunity to do it on favorable terms!


Support contacts:

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